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We match actual stars to a person’s birthday or a couple’s anniversary


Ever since humans first gazed up at the night sky, there has been wonder and a longing for a connection with the stars. This is where Astrology came from, and the epiphany has continued to this day with the science of Astronomy.


Time also has a connection with us all since it defines our memories of life and good times. It's a never ending river that we all travel upon.


Now there is a way for both to come together to be celebrated. For the stars are a source of wonder and beauty, that also involves time.


All stars are suns that are very far away - light years in fact. A light year is light traveling 186,000 miles per second for a year or about 6 trillion miles in distance.


A star that is 35 light years away means that we see the star as it was 35 years ago. On your 35th birthday, you could look up and see that star's light that left the star the year that you were born.


So in a sense, you can give a special person a gift in both space and time, a gift that shares the beauty of the stars, and the special memories of time. 


Have A Stellar Birthday offers cards, gifts, and other products that capture this relationship between starlight, time, and people in the form of unique and thoughtful gifts that are for anyone with a birthday or anniversary. 


"The Stars are a Symbol of Light & Life "


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Throughout human history the stars have been a source of wonder and mystery. They have influenced much of our culture in mysticism, religion, literature, art and music.


In science we understand that the stars are the foundation of life. Our own bodies are made up of elements forged from ancient exploding stars called supernova.


We are indeed in so many ways connected to the stars!


                                                                                      - KK

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