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Have A Stellar Birthday offers cards, gifts, and other products that capture this relationship between starlight, time, and people in the form of unique and thoughtful gifts that are for anyone with a birthday or anniversary from 7 to 100 years!


We match actual stars to a person’s birthday age or a couple’s anniversary in years together, blending the wonder of nature and beauty of art.


This is not naming stars by some star naming company, which is NOT recognized by the astronomical community either professional or amateur.


Real stars...Real images...Real products for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion!  


         "The Stars are a Symbol of Light & Life "





Star Gifts starting at $14.95

**Starting March 20th any Star Gift ordered you will receive a certificate of choice for either a FREE Birthday/Anniversary Special Occasion 4x6 card… Birthday/Anniversary eCard…or Birthday/Anniversary Star video!  Certificate good for 1 year of Star Gift order date.
Star Gifts Star Gifts start at $14.95...CLICK PICTURE

Unique & beautiful cards starting at $1.95

Star Gifts Beautiful unique cards & eCards start at $1.95...CLICK PICTURE

Birthday or Anniversary videos at this month's special of $3.95

Star Gifts Star Message videos for $3.95...CLICK PICTURE

Throughout human history the stars have been a source of wonder and mystery. They have influenced much of our culture in mysticism, religion, literature, art and music.


In science we understand that the stars are the foundation of life. Our own bodies are made up of elements forged from ancient exploding stars called supernova.


We are indeed in so many ways connected to the stars!


                                                                                      - KK


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